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Automatic Voltage Regulator and 1-Phase Servo Regulator
The Performance of any electrical equipment is optimum at its rated voltage.Both over-voltage and under-voltage produce harmful effects. Under-Voltage generally reduces efficiency whereas Over-Voltage shortens life.Effects of voltage on typical equipment are classified below:
Equipment Effects of Under-Voltage
Semi-Conductors Malfunction if operated at voltages below designed minimum voltage.
Electron tubes 10% drop in cathode voltage reduces cathode emission by 40%.
Rectifier loads (Platers,battery chargers, welding equipment etc.) At 10% under-voltage plating rate drops by 20% charging rate drops by 25% and welding time increases by 20%.
Magnetic devices solenoid clutches brakes, clamps, motor starters etc. At 10% under-voltage solenoids take 20% longer to actuate.
Equipment Effects of Over-Voltage
Semi-Conductors Failure if operated at voltages above designed maximum voltage.
Electron tubes 5% increase in cathode voltage reduces tube life by 50%
Rectifier loads (Platers,battery chargers, welding equipment etc.) Excessive heat generated produces poor welds,can reduce rectifier life.
Magnetic devices solenoid clutches brakes, clamps, motor starters etc. Causes excessive mechanical wear and distortion of surfaces.
The BELTRONICS Servo Controlled A.C Voltage Stabilisers have been specially designed incorporating the latest in solid-state technology to protect your equipment from harm caused by undesirable voltage fluctuations.

Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator
Model Phase Input Voltage Output Voltage Capacity in KVA
BVS Single 180-255 230 ± 1% 0.5 to 20
BVS Single 150-255 230 ± 1% 0.5 to 15
BVS Single 180-270 230 ± 1% 0.5 to 20
Technical Specifications :

BELTRONICS' Voltage Regulator is mounted in sturdy sheet metal body complete with 3 core cable, Voltmeter with selector switch to check both input and output voltage, Indicating Lamp, Plug and Socket etc.
Single Phase
Model BV Input Voltage : 170-250 V Output Voltage : 200-240 V
Model BVH Input Voltage : 150-250 V Output Voltage : 200-240 V
Model BVD Input Voltage : 170-270 V Output Voltage : 200-240 V
Salient Features :
  • Very High Efficiency
  • No Waveform Distortion
  • Low Internal Impedence
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Fast Correction Rate
  • Specially Designed Voltage Sensing Circuit using ICs TRIACS
  • Output independent of nature of load value of load and power factor
  • Auto/Manual operation facility
  • Over-voltage and under-voltage alarms
  • Output Voltage Adjustability
    The BELTRONICS-Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilisers essential consist of:
  • A buck boost transformer
  • An "Autostat" Continously Variable Voltage Auto-Transformer operated by a low- inertia servo motor
  • A completely solid-state voltage sensing and control unit
These three are connected as shown in the diagram below:
BELTRONICS SERVO regulators offer the following facilities A special note on the Control Circuit
» Auto/Manual Operation
The regulator can be set and operated in the manual mode when desired even without the control circuit.
» Output Voltage Adjustability
The Output Voltage may be set by means of a panel control within a range of about 25 V.This however shifts the input voltage range correspondingly.
» Sensitivity Adjustment
A control is provided on the front panel to adjust the sensitivity.It must however be remembered that very high sensitivity settings will affect the mechanical life.

The BELTRONICS Servo Controlled A.C Voltage Stabiliser incorporates a specially designed sensing and control circuit employing TRIACS integrated circuits.These offer a distinct advantage over discrete components by virtue of their inherent characteristics which include amongst other excellent gain frequency, high common mode rejection ratio, wide operating temperature range, good output to input isolation and precise regulation of D.C voltages.
THIS HAS ENABLED US TO OFFER YOU A VERY HIGH OUTPUT VOLTAGE ACCURACY(0.5%) AND EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE STABILITY.The entire sensing and control circuit is provided on a single printed circuit plug-in card to facilitate ease of maintenance and repair.This ensures that your unit can be recommissioned in the quickest time, should any repair be necessary.