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3-phase Servo Voltage Regulator
Salient features:
  • »  High Efficiency.
  • »  No Wave Form Distortion.
  • »  Reduction In Breakdown of Electrical Equipments / Power Bills.
  • »  Wide Voltage Range.
  • »  Constant Output Voltage Within Close Tolerances.
  • »  Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments.
  • »  Improvement in power factor (only in case of high voltage)
  • »  Uniform quality of end products.
  • »  Power saving devices for lighting load
We have developed and supplied our regulating transformer for lighting load to reduce the energy consumption and to enjoy the rated life of Tube light filament and Choke. Generally in industries the incoming voltage remains between 450V - 460V, while in case of lighting load the required maximum voltage is 370V - 380V. With the help of our unit we maintain this level constant. Incoming Voltage above 370V will increase the extra power consumption and will cause the premature failure of the Chock and Tube-light filaments. After installing our unit you will get power saved in the tube of 20% to 50 % depending on the incoming Voltage an will reduce the additional cost due to premature failure of the chock and Tube light Filaments. we have supplied above such units to the different leading Textile Industries / Pharmaceuticals / Engg. / Rolling Mills & so many other Industries & Unit consumption is saved substantially as per Incoming Voltage Range.

Advantages Of Toroidal Core
» Double Wound Buck-Boost Type Series Transformer
Buck-Boost type series transformer is made from CRGO Lamination to minimize iron losses. Coils of Buck-Boost Transformer are wound with electrolytic grade copper to minimize copper losses for better efficiency of the units.
» Carbon Brushes
The carbon Brushes which make contact with and carry current from the uninsulated portion of the winding is made of high grade. It is capable of withstanding a minimum of 10,000 operations under the specified test conditions.
» Temperature Rise
The temperature rise of the Transformer winding and core is in accordance with IS 2026 (Part-2) : 1977. The Unit is designed for maximum 45-50 degree temperature rise at top of oil.
» Core
The core is made from low loss Cold-Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO), annealed laminations of Electrical Sheets steel confirming to the latest International standards. Special frames structure is made for clamping the core to reduce the magnetic noises as well as making the whole structure rigid and robust.
» Windings
Coils are wound with electrolytic grade copper strips or synthetic enamelled copper conductors. The coils are dried in electric oven and cooling ducts are provided to keep the temperature as low as possible to ensure high short circuit strength rigid connection support and proper clamping is provided.
» Insulation
Precompressed board and imported insulation paper of best quality is used.
» Oil
Mineral Oil which comply with IS:335:1953 & Tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristic & duly filtered is recommended.
» Tanks & Paints
The tanks are made from M. S. Steel Sheets. Structure is given a primary coat of Epoxy primer and finishing coat of Epoxy paint.
» Meters and Control System
Standard quality meters and control panel accessories are used.
» Terminal Box
Proper size bus bar terminals are provided for input & output connections with earthing bolts at the two ends.
» Micro Controller Based Auto / Manual Modes Of Operation
The Electronic control card integrates three core functions of CONTROL / PROTECTION and DIGITAL DISPLAY for the regulator. It controls the output voltage with set limits and provides under voltge, over voltage, over load and single phasing preventor protection. It also digitally displays all the three input, output voltages and load currents simultanenrously on LCD.It has alphanumeric display of faults for each phase on the LCD. Various parameter can be set by optional detachable setting panel. Potential free contact ( 1 Amp.) for tripping shunt trip or contacts coil

SPECIFICATION:- Three phase servo controlled voltage regulator.

BELTRONICS's Automatic servo stabilizer are available in wide range and various models.The standard three phase models are suitable for balanced and unbalanced supply and loads.The standard model confirm the following specifications are as follow:
Input Volts 340V To 460V
Output Volts 415+-1%
Capacity Upto 2000KVA
Output Voltage Regulation +-1% From No Load To Full Load
Servo Motor Drive A.C.Synchronous Motor
Correction Speed 35V/Sec-1Phase, 60V/Sec-3 Phase.
Response Time Above 60 Milli Sec
Operating Frequency 47 To 53Hz.
Output Wave Form True Reproduction of Input.
Insulation Class "B".
Short Circuit Percentge & Period 300% For 250Milli Sec.
Overload Capacity 120% For 1 Minute.
Effect Of Load P.F. ON Output Volts Nill.
Wave Form Distortion Nill.
Duty Cycle Continuous.
Ambient Zero To 45 C Max.Relative Humidity Upto 90%.
Type Of Cooling Oil Cooled/Air Cooled
System Construction/Enclosure As Per IS :9815 / Powder Coated
Efficiency 98%(Electrical Consumption Saved).
Environment Designed For Indoor Tropical Use.
Mounting On Wheel/ On Leg.
Earthing Earthing Terminals Provided.
Winding 100% Electrolytic Grade Copper.
Bus Bar & Tail Connection By EC grade Aluminium
Metering LCD Display For Input ,Output Volts & Individual Load With Fault Indication.
Protection Under/Over Voltage, OverLoad,Single Phasing By Potential Free 1 Amp.Contact.